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Types of Pests in Colorado

In Colorado, there are several types of pests that are common in both urban and rural areas. These pests include:

  • Ants: Colorado is home to various species of ants, such as carpenter ants and pavement ants, which can infest homes and cause damage.
  • Spiders: The state is known for its population of spiders, including black widows and brown recluse spiders, which can be venomous and pose a threat to humans.
  • Rodents: Mice and rats are common pests in Colorado, especially during colder months when they seek shelter indoors.
  • Mosquitoes: With its numerous lakes and rivers, Colorado has a significant mosquito population, which can be a nuisance and transmit diseases.
  • Termites: Termites are a concern in Colorado, as they can cause extensive damage to wooden structures.
  • Bed bugs: These blood-sucking pests have become increasingly common in Colorado, infesting homes, hotels, and other establishments.